Brand new box quiz game. Great Fun for friends and family.

Can you forge the link?


This new box quiz game for family, containing a selection of trivia quiz questions, Forge the Link was devised at the beginning of 2017 and to date has been played in local venues by a large selection of teams comprising people of all ages and everyone found it great fun to play and were very enthusiastic.

Written feedback we have now received as a result of those presentations is 100% with people commenting that it is refreshingly different from any board game quizzes  currently on the market, giving everybody a chance of finding the correct answer, making it a great leveller and very enjoyable to play.

General knowledge does play a part, however quick-thinking and memory skills are also required as the correct answer is there to be found.

We are now giving people the opportunity to try this game at a very special price, before it becomes a household name, as indications show that Forge the Link could be the must-have game of the year.

Pub Quiz Game Launch Night

Our Launch Night

27/09/2017 at the Brocklehurst Arms, Macclesfield, Cheshire.

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Over the last 12 years, we have dealt with many new start-up businesses here at Local People Macclesfield. And we have written in-depth features on many of the many! Some have gone on to be successful in their respective field and some not so. However, having been approached by Gary some months ago, talked to him extensively, written about his venture in the magazine, played ‘Forge the Link’ and seen and received comments from others who have done the same, we have no doubt here at LPM that Forge the Link will go on to be the “must have” game of this year! Coupled with Gary’s enthusiasm and business acumen, we can see “forge the link” simply forging ahead!! Good Luck, Gary, we think you have written and created “The Dream Game” and we are proud to have been a supporter from the start.  

- Heather Tebay, Local People Macclesfield

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